Neurological department
service for treatment for general neurological disease and special clinics such as epilepsy clinic, botulism clinic, memory clinic,Parkinson clinic, neuro-immunology clinic and ALS clinic etc.
Neurosurgical Deparment.
Focusing on surgery in neurological condition such as spinal surgery( minimal invasive , endoscopic surgery), functional brain surgery, endovascular surgery, epilepsy surgery, surgery for parkinson disease and abnormal movement etc
Neuroradiology department
We have high quality equipment such as 3T-MRI, spiral CT brain and high qualify teamwork for diagnose neurological disease and we have neuroradiological intervention for vascular disease

Anesthetic department
Composing of highly experience anesthetic medical staffs and nurses who responsible for surgical operated patients and including serving pain clinic
Neuro-opthalmology Department
Serving for manage opthalmological diseases in neurological patients and general patients.
Neuro-pediatric department
There are well-trained pediatric neurologists for manage neurological diseases in children such as epilepsy, brain tumor ,delayed development and autism including serving pediatric endocrine clinic.
Pathological Department
Serving for laboratory including tissue pathology and blood chemistry associated with neurological diseases.
Medical department
Service for general medical diseases, diabetic clinic and endocrine clinic including using special equipment such as echocardiogram
Psychiatry department
Service for psychiatric problems in neurological patients by psychologists.
Rehabilitation department
Service for rehabilitate neurological patients especially stroke patient and special clinic services such as Acupuncture clinic, Botulinum Clinic etc.
Dental Department
Dental problem service for neurological, geriatric and general patients
Other services
such as Day care and Thai Massage.